Soulwax Side Project: Forbidden


A limited edition vinyl box set has been created by a team made up of Soulwax, UK electrotrash dj Riton, and artist Fergus Purcell (AKA Fergadelic). The side project is called ‘Die Verboten’ and ya kna’, being Swiss and all, I can tell you this means FORBIDDEN. 

The box set is called “Live in Eivissa”  – named after an 18min track recorded in Ibiza on the A-side. On the B-side one can find a unique laser-etched piece of art. Another wacky feature to be noted is a pop-up pyramid, similar to the ones in our little kiddy books, whose configuration is designed to ‘focus the deep cosmic powers of the vinyl housed inside’. Whoa.


Die Verboten

Die Verboten

I like this etch, it reminds me a lot of the bright patterned clothing worn in M.I.A.’s Paper Planes vid when she’s dancing down the street wif her entourage. 

Here’s a lil sample of Fergadelic’s past work. Known for his stoner aesthetics, skull pieces, humor, sci-fi, and music related graphics. You be the judge:


SPEW - blaahhhhhh

SPEW - blaahhhhhh

Anyway, Die Verboten is due to come out around the end of June. Only 300 copies are being made. Kudos to Mixmag fo the goods. 




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