Summer’s summer, but not in Ottawa.  Summer’s a long drawn out work week with minimal sun, and maximum cold, which means minimum summer babe-age.

But, summer continues to roll right through with MAD events poppin’ off, unusual for a city where government workers cover 82.5% of the population (true stories).

Which me leads me to the next point. My fellow long lost blogger, BRENONES, landed an interview with A Trak. For those not familar,  A Trak’s won every dj comp in the book, he was Kanye’s deejay, he has his own  label, Fools Gold, and is a genre leader in his beat making and mixing abilities. What up. Here’s a vid.

Love Ice Tea callin him out on being a pipe bombin’ terroist.

Anyway, we are super stoked brah about this interview, so we wanna share that excitement with you, we want YOUR questions for A Trak, which of course we’ll be askin’ him.

Make em knowladgble, make em dope, and make em LOL – able.

For the next six days leading up to the interview we”ll be doing an A Trak post, gettin’ some hype bumpin’ behind this.

Get ready nuccas and nuccets,



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One response to “A TRAK, A TRAK, A TRAK

  1. JC aka JohnnyBoy

    Being a Dj myself , i can remember my first days of scratching with a belt drive turntable at the age of 14. To this day ill always remember the records i used because of the hours that flew by as i would practice to the same song over and over. My song of choice was none other than “Beat it” by Michael Jackson.
    My question is what record or song did you play repeatedly in order to practice as well as what was your favorite sample to use when scratching?

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