A blog, holdin’ down everything money, cash, hoes of Ottawa. Repping street culture, music, fashion, or just, you know, whatevers good. The two boys holdin’ it down are myself, Andrew Stanley, and fellow homie comrade, Brennen Green. Bringin’ to you whatever we feel is right at that point in time.

We also have a hack team put together, but a hack team who will add some hella cool content. Mind blowing content in fact. Well in all actuality, the content will probably be ripped off and heavily influenced by other blogs or other forms of media. Anyway let the introductions begin…

The Whitest Girl Alive

The Whitest Girl Alive

The Whitest Girl Alive

Your main bitch Krista will hold down all things girly, but she can run with boys. Well probably faster than our little boy brains. She’s here to rep everything fashion. She will eventually be our foreign correspondent in Budapest when she leaves for exchange, but in the mean time she’ll be posting tons of witty shit.

Two Point Skee

He be all like "blah in ya face n' shit!"

He be all like "blah in ya face n' shit!"

As you can tell from his blog name, this dude is one gnarly bad ass mothafucka. He’s so badass his picture can’t even be shown. So instead, he is going to have a bottle of Max Ice fill in for him. I mean if you knew dude, you’d know that Max Ice and Two Point Skee are one in the same anyway. This guy will straight merk you just by staring out you. Yeah. You know it. Everything I think but can’t say, Two Point Skee will say. But don’t get it twisted, dude is as nice as a teddy bear. Chea.


The Dude Sippin' 40oz!

The Dude Sippin' 40oz!

Our next contributer is Tron. I don’t even know what to say about this guy. Soccer extraordinaire. Popper extraordinaire. 40 oz extraordinaire. Wayne Rooney’s lover. Mustache man. Pussy master. The list goes on, and on, and on. A mix of everything I’d say. Not to mention the dude is mad funny. Which is what we love here at WBA. Tron will be bringing to you anything from a guy taking salvia in the shower, to deep insightful thoughts on anything and everything. Broad and brilliant, I suppose.

Goggs aka Mitch aka Goggles aka Rising aka Mix Master

Goggs On The 1's and 2's

Goggs On The 1's and 2's

Last but certainly not least, is Goggs, the man on the tables. Like all the others here, he is reppin’ Ottawa hard, but initially from Barrie. But fuck Barrie. This guy is a creative genius, bringing to us a various range of electronic music. He’s a bit of mystery man to me, but I hear he picks up mad chicks. And he has the baddest faux hawk you have ever seen.Props yo. Look for his posts erryday!

– Andrew and Brenones


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  1. I love your site. Keep it up !

  2. Dalia!

    Marry me, Krista!

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