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Soulwax Side Project: Forbidden


A limited edition vinyl box set has been created by a team made up of Soulwax, UK electrotrash dj Riton, and artist Fergus Purcell (AKA Fergadelic). The side project is called ‘Die Verboten’ and ya kna’, being Swiss and all, I can tell you this means FORBIDDEN. 

The box set is called “Live in Eivissa”  – named after an 18min track recorded in Ibiza on the A-side. On the B-side one can find a unique laser-etched piece of art. Another wacky feature to be noted is a pop-up pyramid, similar to the ones in our little kiddy books, whose configuration is designed to ‘focus the deep cosmic powers of the vinyl housed inside’. Whoa.


Die Verboten

Die Verboten

I like this etch, it reminds me a lot of the bright patterned clothing worn in M.I.A.’s Paper Planes vid when she’s dancing down the street wif her entourage. 

Here’s a lil sample of Fergadelic’s past work. Known for his stoner aesthetics, skull pieces, humor, sci-fi, and music related graphics. You be the judge:


SPEW - blaahhhhhh

SPEW - blaahhhhhh

Anyway, Die Verboten is due to come out around the end of June. Only 300 copies are being made. Kudos to Mixmag fo the goods. 




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Vice Fashion Issue ’09

Vice Fashion Issue '09

Vice Fashion Issue '09

Hipster nation is riding high right now, so logically so is Vice. No matter what though, their writing and reports are always top notch. The fashion issue will be giving you fashion reports from around the world, taking a look into where the trends are headed this year. Lets hop the above belly button button pants/skirts on girls stops immediately. You can pick it up for free at American Apparel and Norml (in Ottawa).

Check it out here

Props to and

– Andrew

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Nike Air Max ST Retro

very clean

very clean

Spotted these at Hypebeast… very clean, i’m a big fan of the air max shoe.

Check out more pictures here


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Officer, Please Enjoy My Complementary Pubes On Your Burger

He's Flossin'

He's Flossin' via, is reporting the following:

A pair of West Virginia Wendy’s employees are facing misdemeanor charges after dropping a “ball of pubic hair” into a police officer’s sandwich. 32-year-old Thomas Bender admitted to garnishing the sandwich, and 20-year-old Joshua Monroe “admitted he encouraged Bender to do it.” The officer, though, saw this coming…

After finishing his Wendy’s chili, which was presumably fine, he carefully inspected his sandwich before taking a chomp.

“A charge of tampering with food is pending for Bender. Monroe could be charged with aiding and abetting or conspiracy, police said.

Deputies are waiting for Bender’s blood test results. If he has any diseases, the misdemeanor charge will be escalated to a felony.

Cecil said the whole incident has police disgusted.

“(Officers) don’t have a chance to go home and get a meal and have to rely on these places,” Cecil said. “And who knows if this has happened in the past? This time we caught somebody.”

I guess you could say Mr.Officer was flossin’ that day.


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